Dropped the doodle ball

Ok, so, I very much dropped the ball with doodling in January… Here’s a picture of what happened:

Actually I doodled a bit, but I didn’t manage to post. Mainly because of work (I started a second “day job” doing online communication things).

But January was good, and I got to wear comfy clothes a lot.

But I promise I’ll post this month! Probably a mix of old and new doodles. Maybe even uglier than the doodle in this post.

So stay tuned 🙂

Dropped the doodle ball

mlem moo

After a very busy and exciting work week, I got home yesterday afternoon, slept from 5 to 7 p.m. on the couch, woke up and drew this:

Which, I guess, represents how I was feeling. You know, kind of mlem, but also moo.

I think it also means my brain is now on Christmas mode! I’m now questioning what a deer has to do with Christmas. Or did I draw a reindeer? Definitely not a moose, they’re snouts are more horse-like. Yes, I had this discussion with my BF 😀

Snow = Christmas brain

Yesterday morning, I walked to the bus early in the morning, and it was snowing (halp!) very windy and pitch black. Later in the day, the sun came out and it was the most beautiful, sunny and chilly November day. A crazy change!

I think starting the day with a bit of snow and a bent umbrella (haaalp!) definitely activated those Christmas sensors in my brain. I woke up today thinking about gingerbread cookies and candles and gift ideas.

I’m guessing more festive doodles are coming.

mlem moo

November faces

It’s getting colder and darker in Denmark at the moment. The perfect season for doodling some colourful Winter people:

Winter time is doodle time!

I don’t mind the cold and the grey landscape so much, but the dark is starting to get to my brain a bit. Everytime I take a nap or go to bed at night, it goes “Oh well, time to hibernate for 6 months”.

So doodling helps me stay awake for a bit after dinner so I don’t go to bed at 8 p.m. 😀 And adding colour feels great.

I haven’t actually seen any of these Winter people IRL; they are drawn from imagination like most of my doodle people.

Except for the yellow wellies! I recently got similar ones myself, and they contribute to adding some colour to these grey days. I’ve even worn them out to eat because I like them so much.

Maybe I should get a crazy, blue fuzzy hat too!

November faces

Video: Redrawing my old doodles

I thought of a new thing!

Yesterday I made this video with my horribly unprofessional filming setup:

I really enjoyed looking through some of my old doodles and picking ones to redraw. I have loads of pages of fun, sad, good and bad drawings and 99 % of them have never been shared on the blog.

So I think this might be a new concept that I’ll do more of.

Why redraw?

I don’t redraw because I’m lazy and don’t want to think of new doodles. Believe me, I have more doodle ideas than I can draw!

When I make a drawing for a specific purpose I often redraw the same doodle a bunch of times.

The new doodles aren’t necessarily “better” than the old ones, but I learn a lot from redrawing.

I hope these videos can be inspiring or fun to watch!

Get creative

If you get inspired and decide to redraw any of my doodles from this “series” please tag me with #wordsanddoodles or @wordsanddoodlesblog (Instagram) so I can see your drawings.

Video: Redrawing my old doodles

Cool in the cold

I’ve seen a lot of cool winter people around the city lately, including this elderly boss lady with sunglasses and walking sticks.

“Keep safe, suckas” – Elderly Lady (probably)

I drew this on a normal tablet (not the Wacom). I’ve been trying to minimize my screen time a bit, so I’ve mainly been drawing on paper for a while. But now I’m getting back to digital a bit, especially because colouring is fun.

Cool in the cold

Watching sporty winter games – and learning new words

I’ve watched A LOT of Winter Olympics these pasts 2 weeks. Apparently, I’m a massive snowboard fan, who knew! I’ve never had skis or a snowboard near my own feet, but I just love watching those super humans fearlessly fling themselves in the air while looking incredibly cool.

I’ve also enjoyed learning lots of new words and phrases: slopestyle and halfpipe and other things, that I now only know in Danish. But then I watched a bit of ice skating yesterday, and they have to take the win for most amazing terminology. A backward outside death spiral sounds exactly as beautiful and terrifying as it is.


My favorite moment of the Winter Olympics was when a very brave/stupid squirrel ran across the track during the women’s parallel giant slalom. I hope the little guy is okay!

Watching sporty winter games – and learning new words


Winter casual lady warm colours

… freezing! Winter is cold. I even wear a coat indoors at the moment. This drawing of a calm and casual winter woman in warmly coloured surroundings helps. Kind of.

Also – yay, I did a bunch of drawings this week. Last week, two of my friends (at separate occasions) told me to get back to the doodles again, so I did. Also because I want to, but somehow I forget that I love it!

It might sound a bit crazy that I’d forget to do something that is literally my all-time favorite thing. I guess that’s what friends are for:

Reminding you to do things you like, when you forget them.

Wow it’s leaning towards soppy, this first post of 2016. Oh well, it’s a soppy season. Happy January everyone – stay warm AND/OR draw warm things.