Meet Banana Squirrel and Sunday Cat

I surprised myself by putting two new designs up on my shop this week! I didn’t really plan it, but I’m really happy with them. They’re both cute animals, but in very different drawing styles.

You can check out all of my products here:

This lazy Sunday cat in a window sill I drew last Sunday while sitting in bed looking at the rain outside (my absolute favourite Sunday activity!).

I liked the drawing so much that I decided to make it available as a print and greeting card:

And I also think it deserved to be on a mug – especially great for slow Sundays 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have a cat – but there’s a very friendly neighbour cat who visits often to get tummy rubs. But he stays outside (mostly!).

Squirrel snacks

The second new design is based on an old doodle that I made years ago. Meet Banana Squirrel:

*munch munch

I have a new found love for squirrels, because we have one in our garden (because we live in a house now!!), and he stops by every morning and runs around looking for acorns from last season buried in the lawn.

Happy yellow designs

I think Banana Squirrel looks perfectly fine on his own, just chilling and eating a banana.

But the yellow background really makes for a happy design, don’t you agree?

And then if you multiply him it gets kind of ridiculous, but I had to do it 😀

So many Banana Squirrels. Possibly too many.

If you’re curious about my thoughts on turning doodles into product designs, you can check out this blog post from november 2019.

Have a great day and thanks for following my silly doodle escapades!

Meet Banana Squirrel and Sunday Cat

Watching sporty winter games – and learning new words

I’ve watched A LOT of Winter Olympics these pasts 2 weeks. Apparently, I’m a massive snowboard fan, who knew! I’ve never had skis or a snowboard near my own feet, but I just love watching those super humans fearlessly fling themselves in the air while looking incredibly cool.

I’ve also enjoyed learning lots of new words and phrases: slopestyle and halfpipe and other things, that I now only know in Danish. But then I watched a bit of ice skating yesterday, and they have to take the win for most amazing terminology. A backward outside death spiral sounds exactly as beautiful and terrifying as it is.


My favorite moment of the Winter Olympics was when a very brave/stupid squirrel ran across the track during the women’s parallel giant slalom. I hope the little guy is okay!

Watching sporty winter games – and learning new words