Hey, thanks for checking out my site!

My name is Jo, and I’m a Danish linguist, creative person, sourdough lover, mom and self-taught doodle artist.

Digital communication is my job, and this blog is one of my creative outlets. I’ve been drawing and having fun with words for my own entertainment as long as I can remember. You will not find a work note in my proximity that does not have some weird doodle on it 😀

I started this blog in 2015 to share some of my (many) drawings and do wome writing. Sometimes my posts are about my daily life, food (mainly bread!), fluffy animals or things inspired by the people I know or follow online.

If you’re new to the site, I can recommend checking out my Inktober drawings or some of these posts:

My work routine is quite simple: I often sketch my doodles quickly, on paper or digitally. And then I sometimes do some editing on my phone or colouring in Adobe Illustrator or Gimp. I’ve also recently started to draw more on my phone, usually in the app ibisPaintX.

The main purpose of this blog is to entertain, and I appreciate comments. The doodles are the main thing, but when I have something to say, I write a couple of words to go along with them, for those of you who are wondering about my inspiration and drawing process.

All the drawings and texts are produced by me, except for that one time where my dad was a visiting artist.

You’re welcome to use #wordsanddoodlesinspo if you create something inspired by my blog, and please credit the blog if you share any of my work.

If you enjoy the site and don’t want to miss any new doodles, you can follow me on Instagram where I post a lot of my drawings – or you can subscribe via the e-mail form in the sidebar.

If you feel inspired, I’d recommend getting a pen and paper and start drawing something right away. Even if it’s just a little squiggly blob like the one I have as the icon for the site.

If you want to support my work, you can check out my Redbubble shop or buy me a coffee.

Thanks for stopping by!


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