Inktober 2018 #12

Snack time for the blue whale:

“Just one more krill and then I’ll put the bag away” said no whale with krill dust around its mouth ever.

I did a bit of research (yes, googling) today about blue whales, and this article by National Geographic explains that blue whales actually don’t waste their energy on small patches of krill. But hey, who says I need to start being accurate about things on here.

A bit about drawing tools:

I always forget to say which drawing tools I use, so here I’ve included them in the photo.

I’ve used the black pen (uniball AIR) for the thin lines in all my Inktober drawings and have been using mainly Stabilo markers for colouring.

Today I switched it up and used these Winsor & Newton water colour markers. I bought them this summer but haven’t used them a lot, because I’ve had trouble getting the technique right. But it worked out allright on the whale, even though my Inktober notepad isn’t water colour paper, yay!

Inktober 2018 #12

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