Blob dogs

These puppers are only now realising that they’re on summer break. And it’s a very blobby feeling! (Yes I’m on summer break from today and my brain is a blob).

You’re welcome to print out the blobby dogs and put them on your office door (or wherever you work) to let your colleagues know when you’re away for the summer. I put a less creative tiny note on my door today, since I hadn’t made these blobs yet. Maybe I’ll make a “back to work” or “Hello I’m back” version in August.

This blob dog was the first one I doodled:

It showed up in the middle of another drawing and inspired the making of the rest of the pups, so I decided to honour it with its own colours (which very much makes it look like a balloon animal).


Blob dogs

German doodles #1

My recent trip to the Harz, Germany mainly consisted of cycling in hilly terrain and eating delicious german food. Which is a hardcore combination!
But I also had time to draw some quick doodles during cake breaks in a small notebook that I carried around with me. Most of them are inspired by people (and dogs) that I noticed somewhere. Here’s the first batch:

“Look, honey – there’s that thing!”


“I smell curry wurst.”
Cool and calm cake-chopping lady.
A dad camping with 3 small kids.
Me swimming in a fresh-water pool.
Tired teenager on family vacation.
German doodles #1

Hipstress at the beach #4

HAB 07 graa

Yum, SANDwiches!

In a country where beach season normally lasts 10 days spread out over the course of 3 months, summer just seems to get hotter and hotter! I noticed that some Danes (including myself) are getting quite restless, now that they can’t complain about the weather, besides saying things like ”It’s almost TOO hot now, isn’t it!?”. I even caught myself saying (sarcastically) ”Well, winter will be here in 2 weeks anyway”, which I thought was hilarious, but actually just bummed everyone out. Especially since I was in an international setting and unfortunately not everyone immediately got that I was kidding. Obviously winter won’t be here for at least another 4 weeks.

Hipstress at the beach #4