New doodle products…

… in time for the Holidays (maybe, I hope?!!) 🙂

I uploaded 3 new designs to my Redbubble shop last week – and forgot to tell anyone about it… So here they are:

Check them out here:

I chose to put the designs on different products that I think fit the drawings best. I never make one design available on all of Redbubble’s products, but I take time to really think about what products make sense with each design.

The cat design is also available on different coloured backgrounds – like this red one:

I also thought the cats would look really cool on a water bottle or phone cover, so I also made those products available – check them out on Redbubble.

At first glance this message might look a bit shallow:

But when you look closer, it’s not so bad at all:

Sometimes people get mad at other people for using phones too much – and that might sometimes be true. But to me, the best thing about my phone is that it connects me with my family and friends daily – and with people I’ve never met IRL – like you guys.

Doodles and words and things

Adding text to my drawings is new to me. But I generally like art with a combination of words and doodles (is anyone surprised??).

I think adding a bit of text can make some doodles work better as product designs and give it an extra dimension, if you will. Like the one with the phone.

Let me know if you agree, or you’d prefer the drawings to stand alone in the future 🙂

Tag me if you buy something!

I love buying prints and products from other illustrators that I follow online or from smaller local shops. If you decide to buy any of my products to give to someone – or yourself – please tag me #wordsanddoodles – I’d love to see where my designs get a home!

Will I get my stuff before Christmas?

According to the Redbubble website, printing usually takes 1-3 business days. But the cool thing is that they only make the products after you order them. It means less waste, and I’m really happy about that aspect.

Read more about shipping and manufacturing on the Redbubble website. Where you can also check out many other very cool artists!

New doodle products…

The Sneak #3


The Shades. When you see someone you know or –  even worse –  their parents, right when you decided to shop for a year’s supply of cheap TP .

”I don’t want them to know I go to the toilet!”, you’re thinking, as the sweat trickles down your back. Then you realise mid panic that your old sunglasses are in your bag. Now it’s all about standing quietly and casually and wait.

It’s impossible to do a proper Hide and Sneak with so much toilet paper, forget about it.

The Sneak #3

The Sneak #1

The Greet and Sneak

I have this conversation with friends quite often:

Person A: I saw [Person C] at the shop today.

Person B: Did you say hi?

Person A: No, I totally did the sneak and ran off. I feel horrible!

Person B: That’s fine, I did it to [Person D] yesterday!

So why do we have this fear of meeting people we know around town? Basically, it should be harmless to at least say hi…

I discussed this phenomenon with a friend recently, and as we were talking I drew a bunch of doodles that made us both laugh, because we always feel stupid after sneaking off when we could just say hi to someone. So I’ll post these for fun, but it’s not intended as a guide like:

“How to never talk to people, ’cause people are gross”. Not the point.

I feel like the problem is mainly in the Sneaker’s head, and the Sneakee has less to do with it. Sometimes you want to say hi and sometimes you don’t, and it’s fine.



The Sneak #1