Berry thief #2

I drew this second comic about berries disappearing in my parents’ garden after my last visit:

I finally got around to colouring it in today. I still have a long way to go with learning how to colour and draw plants and backgrounds. This is good practice, and takes a lot longer than it looks.

I think I rushed the colouring a bit this time, but I loved putting in the different greens.

Here’s the original panel with all three images:

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The berry thief

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Berry thief #2

The Sneak #3


The Shades. When you see someone you know or –  even worse –  their parents, right when you decided to shop for a year’s supply of cheap TP .

”I don’t want them to know I go to the toilet!”, you’re thinking, as the sweat trickles down your back. Then you realise mid panic that your old sunglasses are in your bag. Now it’s all about standing quietly and casually and wait.

It’s impossible to do a proper Hide and Sneak with so much toilet paper, forget about it.

The Sneak #3