The Sneak #1

The Greet and Sneak

I have this conversation with friends quite often:

Person A: I saw [Person C] at the shop today.

Person B: Did you say hi?

Person A: No, I totally did the sneak and ran off. I feel horrible!

Person B: That’s fine, I did it to [Person D] yesterday!

So why do we have this fear of meeting people we know around town? Basically, it should be harmless to at least say hi…

I discussed this phenomenon with a friend recently, and as we were talking I drew a bunch of doodles that made us both laugh, because we always feel stupid after sneaking off when we could just say hi to someone. So I’ll post these for fun, but it’s not intended as a guide like:

“How to never talk to people, ’cause people are gross”. Not the point.

I feel like the problem is mainly in the Sneaker’s head, and the Sneakee has less to do with it. Sometimes you want to say hi and sometimes you don’t, and it’s fine.



The Sneak #1

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