Posh Squash

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There’s food on my mind this week! Instead of people and animals, there are now veggies and other food stuffs with eyes and legs crawling all over my notebooks.

I’ve started working as a communications intern at my previous “højskole” (folk high school), Suhrs, in the centre of Copenhagen. At the school, food is the central topic and it’s about much more than filling your stomach. It’s about smelling and chopping, and about combining textures and colours to create dishes that look and taste great. And about using local and organic products when they are in season.

As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan.

Okay, so that explains the vegetable theme. The bad humour and useless rhymes have no explanation, they’re just about me being ridiculous. Posh Squash came out of nowhere, but I think he might become a regular on the site.

Posh Squash

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