Creative collab

Diva cup - Ny og Grøn Version 02

My writer buddy Marie wrote a very informative blog article about the diva cup – Read her arguments for why the cup is a sustainable alternative to tampons and towels here (in Danish).

I volunteered to draw a doodle to go with the article and bam! Creative and friendly collaboration happening.

It was fun to do this specific drawing job because I have a lot of creativity that I don’t always know where to put. Having a deadline made me squeeze in some very productive doodle time after work, when I usually just watch Youtube.

Hug, don’t hog
I normally work alone on my drawings, but having a discussion with Marie about my art work as well as her text turned out to be very fruitful – for both of us, I think! So I definitely recommend sharing creative work with friends or colleagues. I’m at least going to try to fight the urge to hog my stuff – both drawings and writings – and show it to people before it’s 100 % done.

Here’s an overview of the creative process:

Diva cup solo sort hvid
1. Diva cup just chilling in black and white.
Diva cup - på hovedet
2. Me messing around. Obviously too silly.
Diva cup med kvinde 02
3. More appropriate placement of the elements. Colours are maybe a bit weird.
Diva cup - Ny og Grøn Version 02
4. Final version of the doodle based on feedback from the writer. Now including more green and a line-up of competing products.
Creative collab

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