Poop storm


What on earth did I just draw?
What on earth did I just draw?

Okay so. I drew this doodle about 6 weeks ago. Most often I switch off my thoughts while I’m drawing, and it’s only afterwards I try to decide what they mean. Based on the shape and colour of the above doodle, I initially thought:

“These look like colourful clouds from the 80’s or something! Nice to do some abstract work.”

But since then I’ve started working with social media, and I keep hearing Danes use the word “shitstorm” about situations in which a company gets a massive amount of bad press on social media.

Now all I can see in my colourful cloudy doodle are flying turds. Oh well. At least it led to this new non-abstract definitely-a-turd doodle:

Poop storm farver faerdig version

Poop storm

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