Inktober 2018 #18

In our kitchen there’s one bottle that dominates both in size and in amount of product we consume. It’s this one in the middle:

Curry ketchup. Yup.

Okay, it might be a stretch to say that it dominates, because we also drink other bottled things, mainly fizzy water and coke. But we don’t have any of those in the house right now, so curry ketchup is the king of our kitchen at this moment.

It’s a product that my boyfriend brought into my life, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’m the one who bought this insanely big bottle of the stuff. Okay a little ashamed, because it’s not 100% aligned with my ideas of good food. But it just tastes so good on eggs!

The bottles in the drawing from left to right are:

  • White wine vinegar
  • Red wine (which we always get as a gift, but we almost never drink, because we’re beer people)
  • Curry ketchup
  • Sriracha
  • Maple syrup
Inktober 2018 #18

Inktober 2018 #17

When you let your bread dough rise for too long and this happens:

This almost happened to me today, because I went for a (as always, really slow) jog while my sourdough loaf was rising in its bread tin. But I managed to get it in the oven in time!

Short update related to yesterday’s waffle post: I made these Overnight Yeasted Waffles this morning, and they turned out REALLY good. Look!

I found the recipe in this Youtube video by Emmymadeinjapan: Waffle hotdog recipe

I love Emmy’s videos, and I’ve been watching a lot of them this past month since I found the channel, sometimes while cooking. It’s amazing to discover a new channel and be able to binge-watch all the videos.

Inktober 2018 #17

Inktober 2018 #16

The most angular food I could think of was a square waffle:

After sketching this I actually went and bought a waffle iron that can make thick, square waffles (which I’ve wanted to get for a while, so it wasn’t only because of the delicious drawing 😁).

I’ve never tried a homemade version of this kind of waffle, since the waffles we make in Denmark are most often a thinner kind shaped like a clover / 4 hearts.

I have several waffle recipes I want to try out with my new gadget, and I might even start with a sourdough version.

Here’s the drawing before inking (and waffle iron shopping), I almost like it better than the inked version:

Inktober 2018 #16

Inktober 2018 #15

Be nice to the herbivore hedgehogs!

It took me a while to remember the English word for this animal. In Danish it’s called “pindsvin” which literally translates to “stick pig”. Free random Danish lesson of the day, you’re welcome!

My uniball pen went dry 10 seconds into inking this drawing, so I switched to the Stabilo marker (the orange one in the photo). I definitely need to go pen shopping soon, and what better time for it than the month of Inktober?

Inktober 2018 #15

Inktober 2018 #14

It’s cookie o’clock!

For me this is usually around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I love having homemade cookie dough (chocolate chip and almonds 🤤) in the freezer. Sadly there is none right now, I wonder where it went.

I found this drawing to work best in black and white (I also only used black ink and a grey marker to draw it).

In my other Inktober posts so far, I’ve posted the photo of my drawing with no editing on here, and most days I’ve added a filter in the Instagram version. I use the filters for variation in look, and because it’s hard for me to post on Instagram without filters, because it’s so much fun to play with different colours/lighting.

Inktober 2018 #14

Inktober 2018 #12

This cupcake is being guarded really well.

There are dragons on my mind, possibly because we’re playing and watching a lot of Hearthstone at the moment.

This drawing took a bit longer to make than my usual doodles, because scales. Lots of them. But it was fun to make.

I’ve always had trouble drawing dragons that look believable. Something about the face and the ear flaps always goes wrong, but I think this one turned out well.

I like that the dragon is holding the cake cage with its tiny arm.

Inktober 2018 #12

Inktober 2018 #12

Snack time for the blue whale:

“Just one more krill and then I’ll put the bag away” said no whale with krill dust around its mouth ever.

I did a bit of research (yes, googling) today about blue whales, and this article by National Geographic explains that blue whales actually don’t waste their energy on small patches of krill. But hey, who says I need to start being accurate about things on here.

A bit about drawing tools:

I always forget to say which drawing tools I use, so here I’ve included them in the photo.

I’ve used the black pen (uniball AIR) for the thin lines in all my Inktober drawings and have been using mainly Stabilo markers for colouring.

Today I switched it up and used these Winsor & Newton water colour markers. I bought them this summer but haven’t used them a lot, because I’ve had trouble getting the technique right. But it worked out allright on the whale, even though my Inktober notepad isn’t water colour paper, yay!

Inktober 2018 #12