Old little horsy

This week I read about the 40.000 year old baby horse that was recently found in Siberia (in this Danish article). I couldn’t stop staring at the photo of the little horse, and I obviously had to draw it. Here’s the result:

The horse’s snout (is that the proper word? Muzzle?) is a bit long in my drawing which I think makes it look less horse-like than in the photo. But I don’t mind, because I think my doodle of the old horse is almost cute. And it continues to amaze me how ancient creatures can be preserved in ice for tens of thousands of years.

I didn’t do any post-editing on this drawing like I normally do, so it’s just pen on paper. A very different style than the last couple of doodles that I’ve posted which have a lot of digital work in them.

I might post more simple doodles, because they take less time to do and I quite like the look.

Old little horsy

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