Better Safe Than Sorry…

'AKA I'm trapped in my own preparedness, please let it start to rain soon.'
‘AKA I’m trapped in my own preparedness, please let it start raining soon.’

”You’re really… Prepared!”, A British lady once said to me when I walked into a room at university completely soaked in my rain suit. My polite response was: ”Hah, yeah!” but I was thinking: ”HELL YEAH I AM! I’m so utterly and completely prepared for ANY type of weather, ESPECIALLY RAIN, and who are you to kind of judge me for it, and why doesn’t everyone wear rainy pants when it’s rainy outside?!”

Anyway, that was a while back. And my rainy clothes (as I still like to call them for lack of a better word in English) have long needed an update. So after a very rainy couple of weeks and being soaked to the bone several times (even while wearing said rainy coat and rainy pants), I spent a whole afternoon looking for the most waterproof and not too idiotic looking new set. And I got it. Aaaand it hasn’t rained since. But I obviously insist on wearing my raincoat whenever I go outside, because I’m always SUPER PREPARED, like the lady said. And her comment made me want to OWN IT! I recently found the above doodle. I don’t remember when I drew it, but its facial expression perfectly expresses my feeling when I walk in the sun with a raincoat on, quietly mumbling to myself like a lunatic: ”Just start raining, just a little bit. Come on. Okay don’t, but I’m PREPARED.”

Better Safe Than Sorry…

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