Meeting a fluffy friend

So, I’ve been longing to get a dog for ages. However, it’s not very practical to have a dog in our apartment where it would be alone for several hours of the day.

Also, I might have a new favourite animal…

Last week, we went on a trip to a beautiful part of Denmark to mountainbike and hike (The purple blobs in the comic are supposed to be heather – Everything was purple and green!).

There were lots of sheep and goats hanging out in the hills. This particular teen lamb was extra cute and ran up to us to check us out. And then he/she just stood there for a while. Such a precious moment!

I’m not saying a sheep would be easier than a dog to have in our apartment. But I’m allowed to dream. Maybe we should get a dog and a sheep and they could be best friends?***

If you think this post has been too cute and happy and nice so far, I also got really excited when I saw a worm crossing a poop mountain in the middle of the road:

You’re welcome!

***Minutes later: I googled a bit and found this article from the Telegraph. So I guess that plan is settled.

Meeting a fluffy friend

Shave the sheep #specialehjerne

Specialeproces slash Barber et faar

I made this drawing 2 weeks before the hand-in date for my master’s thesis. At that stressful point in the process I was trying to figure out WHAT I was doing and HOW. I also thought quite a bit about the WHY, but let’s face it: ”Why am I doing this?” is not really productive to worry about 2 weeks before something is due. Anyway, the HOW turned into this doodle and helped me do some focused work in my last two weeks as a student. I don’t know where the sheep came from (aside from the fact that I just like them). In Danish we have the expression ”Så er den ged barberet” – ”Now that goat’s been shaved! / Well, I just shaved the goat!” (Not sure how to properly translate it).

Feel free to link people to this post if you think this doodle could be helpful for them in their academic writing process, or if they like sheep. I mean not in a creepy way, just the normal amount.

Oh and hey, I also used the hashtag #specialehjerne (mostly in Danish) quite a lot during my writing process, so check that out for inspiration / confusion.

Shave the sheep #specialehjerne