Meet the “artist”

I thought I’d say hi, since I don’t often show my face on here.

This is me – and a cat and a photobombing BF.

And here are some potentially boring things about me and my drawings:

I’m a linguist from Denmark who works part-time with digital communication. 

Rainy, grey days are my favourite, and I can’t wait for fall! 

I’ve been a language nerd as well as a drawing nerd for as long as I can remember. French is probably my favourite language to listen to, but – as you might have guessed – English has a special place in my heart. It’s kind of my playground language. Reading and writing in Danish has a “work vibe” to me, which is maybe a bit weird since it’s my first language, but there you go 😀 

I especially love drawing animals and people. And comics! 

I almost always start my day with coffee, porridge and a game of Hearthstone. (I even made a couple of Hearthstone fanart doodles)

Things I need to have in the fridge at all times: mayo, lemons and butter. 

I love starting new creative hobbies/projects like sewing clothes or making something new in the garden or kitchen. Finishing these things is… a challenge. 

The past couple of years I got really into digital drawings, but I still draw a lot on paper. There are doodles in my planner, my work notes, on the grocery list, everywhere.

Some of my drawings I make into product designs in my Redbubble shop (shameless promo). This is a way for me to work with illustration as “design”, which is very fun and challenging. Also, I think, it’s a cool way for me to have my doodles travel the world (potentially!) and spread a bit of joy (hopefully!) in a reasonably sustainable way because it’s “print on demand”. It’s nice that I don’t have to order 100 mugs that might end up in our basement for years (and I think my BF agrees).

I don’t yet have a proper illustration business, but I want to do more freelance illustration work. And you know what? I recently bought a printer, woohoo! So new homemade art prints might be coming soon – you heard it here first 🙂 

I love baking (and eating) cakes and bread, and have my own sourdough starter that I made a couple of years ago. Cinnamon buns are an all-time favourite, I’m not really into making the fancy stuff with layers and icing and mousse and things. Related fact: Patience is not something I have a ton of. 

The photo is from Spring of this year, shortly after me and my BF moved into our house. We don’t have pets (yet!), but Neighbour Cat that you see in the photo stops by for belly rubs quite often. 

Oh, and we’re expecting a baby girl in about 7 weeks, so there might be some baby related doodles coming up…  

That’s a bit about me – thanks for following my doodles and ramblings on here. 

Now you know a bit more about who’s behind the silly doodles. Tell me something about you in the comments, if you want!

Meet the “artist”

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