KOALA 01 gul og lys orange

KOALA 02 om natten

KOALA 03 bleg

Playing with image editing today resulted in these 3 versions of a koala doodle I made a couple of weeks ago. I’ve never seen a koala in “person”, but I had a sudden urge to draw some weirder animals to mix things up since I mainly draw birds, cats and dogs. My first try at doodling a koala was ridiculous, so I actually had to google what it looked like to get something recognizable. Yay Google!

Note: After posting these 3 images together I’m realising it looks kind of like a sequence. Koala just hangs there on his tree all through summer, day and night, his fur turning white in the winter season (the very rare snow koala!). Maybe he climbed up too high and is scared to crawl down, like Tigger in A. A. Milne’s stories about Winnie the Pooh.


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